Consumer Law Scholars Conference 2019

The Inaugural Consumer Law Scholars Conference, February 21-22, 2019, hosted by the Center for Consumer Law & Economic Justice at Berkeley Law


Photos from the inaugural Consumer Law Scholars Conference can be viewed here!

Keynote Speakers

Richard Cordray & Elizabeth Cabraser


Contorting Boilerplate: A Common Law Warranty for Consumer Financial Contracts

Susan Block-Lieb (Fordham University) and Edward J. Janger (Brooklyn Law School)

Formalities as Consumer Protection

Danielle D’Onfro (Washington University)

Meat the Future: A Public Choice Account of Captured Agency Preference

Tammi S. Etheridge (Villanova University)

Consumer Psychology and the Problem of Fine Print Fraud

Meirav Furth-Matzkin (University of Chicago) and Roseanna Sommers (University of Chicago)

Justice in Arbitration: the Consumer Perspective

Farshad Ghodoosi (Morgan State University) and Monica M. Sharif (Morgan State University)

The New Qui Tam: Enforcing Consumer Rights in a Hostile Era

Myriam Gilles (Cardozo) and Gary Friedman (Friedman Law Group)

Facilitating Fintech’s Disruption of Payday Lending

Jim Hawkins (University of Houston)

Consumer Protection Laws and the Mortgage Market: Evidence from Ohio

Manisha Padi (University of Chicago)

The Company Store and the Literally Captive Market: Consumer Law in Prisons and Jails

Stephen Raher (Prison Policy Initiative)

Foreclosure Mediation: The Complexity of Measuring the Impact of Consumer Protection Laws on Borrower Outcomes

Carolina Reid (University of California, Berkeley) and Alan White (CUNY)

Proxy Discrimination in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Daniel Schwarcz (University of Minnesota)

The Hidden Curriculum of Arbitrator Training: A Comparative Analysis of Private and State-Run Arbitration Hearings

Shauhin A. Talesh (University of California, Irvine)

The Strange and Unsettled Fate of Zauderer v. Office of Disciplinary Counsel: A Reflection on the First Amendment and Compelled Commercial Speech

David Vladeck (Georgetown University)

Organizing Committee

Abbye Atkinson (UC Berkeley)

Kathleen Engel (Suffolk University)

Ted Mermin (UC Berkeley)

Rory Van Loo (Boston University)

Lauren Willis (Loyola Marymount University)