Consumer Law Scholars Conference 2020

The Second Annual Consumer Law Scholars Conference, March 5-6, 2020, hosted at Berkeley Law.


Photos from the Second Annual Consumer Law Scholars Conference can be viewed here!

Keynote Speakers

Richard Cordray & Sarah Bloom-Raskin


Theory of the Nudnik: the Future of Consumer Activism and What We Can Do to Stop It

Yonathan Arbel (Alabama Law) & Roy Shapira (IDC Herzliya)

Making Outcomes Matter: An Immodest Proposal for a New Consumer Financial Regulatory Paradigm

Todd Baker (Richman Center, Columbia University) & Corey Stone (Financial Health Network)

“Sneak in” Contracts: An Empirical Analysis

Samuel Becher (Victoria University of Wellington) & Uri Benoliel (College of Law & Business, Ramat-Gan)   

The Shape of Consumer Contracts

Andrea Boyack (Washburn University School of Law)

Putting Money Back into Consumers’ Pockets: An Empirical Study of the CFPB’s Civil Penalty Fund

Craig Cowie (University of Montana Law)

The Rise of FringeTech – Are Early-Wage Access Programs Payday Lending in Disguise?

Nakita Cuttino (Duke University School of Law)

Sovereign Shields

Kate Elengold (University of North Carolina School of Law) & Jonathan Glater (University of California, Irvine School of Law)

The Political Economy of Moral Economy: A Reconstruction of “Unfair Acts and Practices”

Luke Herrine (Yale Law)

Relief for Student Loan Borrowers Duped by Relief Companies Masquerading as Help

Creola Johnson (The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law)

The Coerciveness of the Restatement of the Law of Consumer Contracts

Nancy Kim (California Western School of Law)

The New Usury: The Ability-to-Repay Revolution in Consumer Finance Regulation

Adam Levitin (Georgetown University Law Center)

Thinking Small about Tenant Rights

Melissa Lonegrass (Louisiana State University Law Center)

Antitrust in Attention Markets

John Newman (University of Miami School of Law)

Securitizing Digital Debts

Christopher Odinet (University of Oklahoma College of Law)

Limits of Assent in Consumer Contracts: A (Regulatory) View from the South

Nicolas Rojas (Universidad de Chile)    

Policing Unconscionable and Unfair Standard Terms under the Tentative Draft of the Restatement of the Law of Consumer Contracts and the EU Directive on Unfair Terms, A Comparison

Jacobien Rutgers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Whites Only: Illiberal Speech & the Future of the First Amendment

Amanda Shanor (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School)

Advertising Opinions

Ahmed Taha (Pepperdine University School of Law)

Payday Lending, Self-Control, and Consumer Protection

Dmitry Taubinsky (UC Berkeley)

Reducing the Negative Impact of Cancellation of Debt Income for Those Who Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

Stacey Tutt (University of California, Irvine School of Law)

Negotiating With Networks

Daniel Wilf-Townsend (Gupta Wessler, PLLC)

Organizing Committee

Kathleen Engel (Suffolk University)

Ted Mermin (UC Berkeley)

Rory Van Loo (Boston University)

Lauren Willis (Loyola Marymount University)

Host Committee

Abbye Atkinson (UC Berkeley)

Ted Mermin (UC Berkeley)

Manisha Padi (UC Berkeley)