Briefs and Comments

The Center files amicus curiae briefs in courts around the country, providing the perspective of low-income consumers and contributing to major victories like De la Torre v. CashCall and Connor v. First Student in the California Supreme Court.  We also research policy briefs, offer testimony, and submit comments to federal and state regulatory agencies on topics ranging from debt collection practices to robocalls to emergency measures.

Center Files Amicus Brief in OCC True Lender Case

January 15, 2021

Just before the holiday season last year, the Center filed an amicus brief on behalf of Professor Adam J. Levitin of Georgetown Law in People of the State of California, et al. v. The OCC to support a challenge to the OCC’s “valid-when-made” rule.

Center Files Amicus Brief in CA Supreme Court Defending False Advertising Statutes in Case Involving Posthumous Michael Jackson Album

December 14, 2020

On Friday, the Center filed an amicus brief in the California Supreme Court in Serova v. Sony, a case that threatens to undermine the state’s deceptive advertising laws. Increasingly, commercial defendants in false advertising cases have been filing anti-SLAPP motions, claiming that their free speech rights are being threatened.

Center Files Brief in Ninth Circuit in Zabriskie v. Fannie Mae

April 10, 2019

In March the Center filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit in Zabriskie v.